Dear PhilCast Family:

First of all, I want to say a heartfelt thanks to all those who have listened to the PhilCast along the way. It was a good run, a run that came to a close when the station informed me it was going in a different direction, one that included neither me nor the PhilCast show.
It's a tough business.
One of the things that is most disturbing is the fact that you never get to say goodbye on the air. Within minutes your voice is gone and you're wiped from web pages, never to converse with your listeners again.
So I say thanks here.
Thanks for inviting me into your lives each afternoon. Thanks for being a member of the PhilCast Family.
I'll be posting updates on this page, so follow here and at my Twitter account, @cianciola for now.
Many of you may have tried to email me through the station, which I will not be able to see. So feel free to mail me at:
My hope is to be back on the air somewhere sooner than later.
Again, thanks for your continued support. I'll keep you updated.
And finally, thanks to Mr. Greg Bell, former GM who brought me to the Fox Valley, believing in me and the fact that the PhilCast could be a radio show people listened to and enjoyed.
I hope you did.

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